Training while injured

IMG_1072I sprained my ankle almost a month ago, which has meant 1) no running and 2) no Orangetheory. It’s been painful and swollen. I wore compression sleeves for almost two weeks straight. I was in a walking cast and crutches for a bit. A few days after my injury, I had to travel to Seattle for work. Hobbling up and down those streets are tough. I relied pretty heavily on Lyft to get around, even if it were a few blocks down the street. I pre-shipped a box of ice packs to my office so that I would be able to wrap my ankle every few hours, without the need for an ice machine. On the bright side, it was also the first time I traveled with only one shoe!

circuit1Since my injury, I’ve refocused my efforts into nutrition and other ways of training. I’ve been sticking mostly to the rower, which is supposed to boast a great full-body workout (with the right form). I’ve downloaded lots of weights workouts to my phone. So far I’ve only used one of them regularly. I have to omit the transitions but overall it takes me about 40 minutes to complete.

I’m using this time to unwind a bit from the heavy training I’ve been doing for Alcatraz. My objective at this point is to 1) fully rehabilitate my injured ankle 2) lose miscarriage baby weight, because apparently that is a thing even if you don’t increase your intake 3) learn to count macros appropriately and 4) continue my strength and conditioning workouts in preparation for the race season ahead.

In doing these long workout blocks, I’m finding that I like being able to spend an extended amount of time on something, rather than switching up every 10 minutes. I know that I like Orangetheory because of the social atmosphere, and because it exposes me to a lot of exercises that I wouldn’t do on my own. However, sometimes all I want is to do the same thing, over and over, for an hour long. I guess that’s why I like the rower so much!

I have another long work trip to Seattle scheduled. My hotel has a small gym that includes free weights, stationary bike, elliptical, and treadmill. If my ankle isn’t up to the elliptical by then, I will probably grab a Lyft to the local 24 Hour Fitness to use the rower.

IMG_1044 IMG_1363

And yes, I have three gym memberships: Orangetheory, 24 Hour Fitness, and Planet Fitness. I don’t quite count 24 Hour Fitness because I am on a very special rate of $50/year. Honestly, I love Planet Fitness for a lot of reasons, but the one main one being that I can use the massage chairs and beds as much as I want!

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