Planning for Rev3, Personal Training Certification, and More

A bit of trailing exhaustion and/or fatigue has gotten in the way of doing anything somewhat routine. After my short half mile pool session yesterday, I felt a bit under the weather because I was convinced that I might’ve caught some dreaded germs from the water. I felt a bit lethargic today but just chalked it up to the weather. However, I woke up this morning feeling a bit sore from my swim, which means that I’ve definitely lost some conditioning since I haven’t been in the water for about 6 weeks or so.

The holidays are upon us and with Thanksgiving comes my early resolutions. I always resolve to never make a promise to myself that I can’t keep, and I’ve always found that making those promises before Thanksgiving will help keep me on track. (Strange what a difference a few weeks makes!)

So, this holiday vacation, I hope to spend it present with the people I care about. I hope to devote a chunk of that time to myself, presumably because I am on that list of people I care about. I hope to carve out early morning chunks out of my vacation to really focus on my training so that I can be Rev3 training ready come February.

Hoping to finally tackle the 70.3 in July of next year. No more excuses and waiting! 30 IS UPON ME.

I signed up for a TraningPeaks plan to help me build some conditioning and base…it’s six workouts a week all focused at pushing me beyond my usual comfort level (30 minute swim, 1 hour bike ride, 45 minute run…those all sound about right). When you first start working out you don’t know any better and you naturally push yourself. However, I find that I’m getting incredibly complacent. A workout no longer feels like a workout, hence the reason why I forked the money over for this training plan. Ideally the plan will get me in to Olympic distance shape at the end of January so that I can make the jump into 70.3 training in February, which then puts me at toeing the line in July.

My training schedule for the next week. No more guesswork. Thanks TrainingPeaks!

I’ve also progressed nicely in my personal training reading. I’m aiming for certification by the end of the year (or at least sitting for my first exam), and per usual I got caught up in the anatomy section. There’s just so much to learn! Anyways, it’s been pretty awesome being able to drop knowledge bombs about health and wellness at work. I’m just always surprised at how little people know about their bodies, and I’m more than happy to guide conversations along the way about nutrition, fitness, etc. My goal isn’t to be a know-it-all or anything, but really to give them enough information to act upon. I’m also really excited about getting my CPR/AED/First Aid certification again. That way I can sign up to be a safety czar at work. (Nerdy, I know…)

Oh, and this week, I finally finished my social media book. I’m a volunteer mentor for Dress for Success and the book was written and edited to help me with preparing women to re-enter the workforce by having their social media profiles and identity under control. It took a lot of work but it was definitely worth it!

My first book – Your Sometimes Online Life (available for Kindle and in print)

It’s currently available on Kindle and will be about a week or so before it’s ready on the website. It’s up on CreateSpace right now too. I was hoping to finish it on time so that I could give a copy to my parents but I guess I will just have to get it shipped directly to them when it is ready. I’d also like to ship a box to Dress for Success to have on hand for women who need it. I’m planning on donating all proceeds to Dress for Success, so if you know of someone who may find this type of information useful, consider buying my book. 🙂

Writing a book reminds me of what it mentally feels like to run a marathon. I’m tired just thinking about all the work and editing and design I’ve done on it. I can’t wait until I tackle my next book but for now, I’m still tired. Ideally I’d finish my certification and then work on a couch-to-5K type book. I have a few other books already outlined (about completely different things) but with all things creative you really have to be in the mood to talk about certain things…and right now I think I’m still only interested in talking about health/wellness at length!

I head out of town for the holiday tomorrow…more than a week of sunshine. It’s going to be great. Probably a bit dramatic in some places, but I hope to get out of my head for awhile, get some training in, spend some quality time with my loved ones, let the wireframes flow, and just have a good time!

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